Paddywack 2023
Added Tuesday 14th March 2023
With less than one week to Paddy Whack 2023
B2B Micro Bangers Teams of 3,2L Saloons, 1300 Stockcars and Gp2 Lightning Rods.
This meeting is not to be missed.
Come along and support the all female team of Team Sugartits as they take to the track to raise money for Pretty n Pink, Breast Cancer Charity
Also in action in the 2L Saloons will be raceway favourite Donkey262
Gates open at 10am
First race at 1pm
(All Payable on the Gate)
Under 12yrs Admission - Free
General Admission - £18
12 to 15yrs Admission - £10
Seniors citizens - £15
Under 11yrs-Free
Trackside parking £5

Current Booking List for B2B Bangers
Team Hitlist A
Josh Mckinstry 515
Alan Milliken 111
Rab Wharry 766
Team Brainless
Sophia Kennedy-Gurney 95
Team Screw Loose
Kyle Branyan 31
Trevor Mcilveen 971
Team Buckle A
Noel Anderson 151
Martin Groundwater 707
Josh Anderson 152
Team Mob NI
Ashley Bodenham 16
Craig Bodenham 48
Louise Herron 125
Team Hill Billies
Josh Hill 153
Team Black Bandits
Jon Jo Black 420
Joe Black 69
Team black and blue
Ethan Dilly 966
Team Juice
Daniel Dooner 432
Adam Carroll 430
Team McMaster Madness
Reece McMaster 44
Tyler McMaster 22
Hughie McMaster 3
Team Invasion A
Decky Harrison 293
George Harrison 487
Thomas connolly 88
Team no one
Reece Donnell 93
Team Invasion B
Jack Murray 9
Peter Murray 19
Dylan connolly 777
Team invasion C
Nathan Smith 113
Micky hyland 115
Team Mad4Tar
Aaron McGaw 32
Philip Holmes 75
Jake Carson 11
Team Solo
Pebbles Jnr 566
Team Solo B
Graham Meek 917
Team Hooligans
Marc Morrell 23
Team SugarTits A
Carla Thompson 932
Anaïs Mccreight 36
Elizabeth duff 958
Team SugarTits B
Sarah Jane Carson 911
Dionne Lynn 778
Louise Donnell 21
Team SugarTits C
Connie Marlow 17
Crystal Millar 35
Kathy McCrory 499
Team SugarTits D
Tara Smith 8
Jordan bodenham 920
Megan Goodman 82
Team SugarTits E
Roisin McKenna 65
Ashleigh mark 26
Caitlin Elliott 733
Team SugarTits F
Tasha McKenna Murray 190
Zara kidd 713
Jessica cooper 27
Team SugarTits G
Haley cairns 31
Lorna McCrory 67
Sanna marshal 333
Team SugarTits H
Kirsty Marie Weir 913
Gina Montgomery 187
Cara marshal 33
Team SugarTits I
Rhianna Murray 909
Helen Ash McColgan 44
Team SugarTits J
Sarah Wylie 72
Louise Martin 950
Denise Flood 110
Team SugarTits K
Lesley Ann McConnell 50
Emma Leslie 98

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