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Sunday 20th October 2019

2Lt Saloon Stock Cars Irish Championship 747 711 292 811 973 160 957 Irish Revenge 711 811 292 153 170 951 973

Micro Bangers Figure 8 Championship 118 92 125 436 DD 118

2L Saloon Stock Car Irish Championship.

9 cars took to the grid for the biggest race of the domestic calendar, and the final race of the season for the 2l Saloons. Defending champion 711 Anthony McIvor led the pack off with brother, Kieran rounding out the front row. There was carnage from the off as former Irish champion 153 Ryan Wright had a pop at A. McIvor in the first bend with K. McIvor following suit and landing a heavy blow on the 153 machine. The drama all fell into the hands of 747 Matthew Stirling, as he emerged from the drama unscathed after making a good start from row 3 of the grid. K. McIvor added to the thrills of the race once again as he followed Wright and Darryl McCammon into the turn 4 wall, meanwhile out front 747 had pulled a tremendous lead on second placed A. McIvor, leaving to believe the race was done and dusted; But A. McIvor had different ideas as the last lap board fell, A. McIvor took a mega dive at Stirling in the last bend, but unfortunately for Anthony his shot at a record breaking 5 Irish Championships in a row had vanished as Stirling cruised to his first Irish Championship victory. Stirling was followed over the line by A. McIvor and McCammon.
Anthony McIvor rounded out the afternoons racing with a win in the Irish revenge race.

Micro Bangers Figure-8 Championship.

Micro Bangers also featured with an added twist from the norm, with the track being used in a figure-8 format. Matthew McKinstry emerged the victor in the Figure-8 Championship with William Donnell runner-up and Rodney Herron a rightful third place.
McKinstry also took home the silverware from the DD.

NI Car Jump Championship.

The Car Jump made a successful impression for the first running of such an event in Northern Ireland. 15 brave drivers faced round 1 of the NI Car Jump Championship, with some excellent attempts at clearing the cars that had been laid out; unfortunately for some of the 15, the Jump was too much for the cars ending their day early. Round 2 had a little spice added to the mix for whoever could salvage their cars, with the take-off ramp being raised in height; and it wasn’t long until the distances soared. A few attempts was given to narrow the cars down, and an eventual winner was found in the form of, 14 Clarke Frazer who was crowned NI Car Jump Champion 2019.
Talks have already been on the table with NuttsCorner organisers for next year’s NI Car Jump Championship.

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Friday 4th October 2019

Harper and Holland Crowned Irish Champions before power cut at the Raceway.

Friday evening’s race event was called to an abrupt halt at Nutts Corner Raceway after a power cut left the arena with no lighting. Fortunately before the power outage 3 races were completed, including the Stock Rod and Brisca F2 Stock Car Irish Championships.

Race 1 of the evening was the ORCi Stock Rod Irish Closed Championship which come down to the wire. Raymond Harper was the pole sitter and got off to a flying start at the green. Harper stretched well clear of the competition in the early part of the race. As the race settled towards mid distance it soon become clear that the second place runner Adam Sloan had strong pace and was closing the gap on the leader Harper. Sloan kept the pressure firmly applied until he had caught up with Harper and started to make an attack on the outside, as the race reached lap 20 Sloan give it his all on the outside but run wide and lost a lot of ground which allowed Harper to cruise of into the distance again. The five lap to go marker was now on display and appeared that Harper had done enough to complete the distance unhampered. This proved no to be the case however as Sloan was on a phenomenal come back and again mounted a challenge for the lead with 2 laps left to run. Harper on the inside, Sloan on the outside, it was sure to be an intriguing run to the flag. Sloan tried all he knew around the outside but had to settle for second as Harper crossed the line a matter of inches ahead. Joining them on the podium was Shea Duff who rounded his season out with a fine third place finish.

Next up was the Brisca F2 Irish Closed title decider. It was an all-star cast on the front row with Craig McConnell pole and Gavin Fegan on the outside, while menacingly placed behind was Curtis Greer and Sam McKay. At the green, Fegan quickly removed McConnell wide allowing him to take up the running. While behind McConnell, Greer and company squabbled for position. It wasn’t long until McConnell positioned himself back in second and went in search of the leading Fegan car. Over the next few laps the gap between first and second reduced drastically until the pair were as one and began to battle for position. A caution period was required for stricken cars on the raceway which would regroup the cars once more. By this stage Fegan was a casualty after an incident on turn 3. This left McConnell back at the front with McKay and Greer next up. It was another explosive start which would result in a further caution period this time for McKay and Greer who had tangled in style. In bizarre fashion the field was dwindling drastically, with only 5 cars remaining McConnell, Stephen McCready, Ted Holland, Conor Hughes and Gerard Hartley. After the earlier onslaught the leading McConnell Car was carrying damage, which would see him side-lined soon after the restart when there was another tangle up with McCready, who also spun out of contention. The 5 was now done to 3, Holland, Hughes and Hartley. Holland managed to complete the remaining laps and survive a last bend attack from Hughes to Crown himself Irish Champion for 2019, Hughes was the runner up with Hartley third.

Also due to be settled on the night was the 2L Saloon Stock Car Irish Championship. This has been rescheduled to take place this Sunday ( October 20th) at 1pm. Also on the billing is the Micro Bangers Figure 8 Championship,NI Car Jump Championship and M4D Drifters.

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Sunday 29th September 2019

Brisca F2 Stock Cars
Grand National Series Final 925 917 914 718 929 89 216 278
Heat 1 216 925 718 278 243 914 917 929 89
Heat 2 216 7 914 925 718 917 24 243 929 89
Final 7 914 925 24 89 278 243 216

Stock Rods
Heat 1 118 26 958 957 57 997 23 314 11 41
Heat 2 26 958 997 132 957 57 11 41 314 23
Final 118 26 132 57 958 23 997 314 41 957

1300 Stock Cars
Heat 1 10 70 194 126 145 216 1 303 212 946
Heat 2 44 10 70 36 303 946 145 1 127 126
Irish Open Championship Final 194 145 216 212 124

2L Saloon Stock Cars
Heat 1 951 747 711 292 153 811 262 160
Heat 2 747 153 811 292 711 951 262 160
Final 951 747 711 153 262 392 811 160

Junior Rods
Irish Closed Championship Final 12 911 72 41 47 525 152
Irish Revenge 12 47 525 911 932 534 152
Heat 525 911 932 72 47 41 152

Group 2 Lightning Rods
Irish Closed Championship Final 194 37 837 77 51 132 68 9 81
Irish Revenge 9 37 837 51 81 32 68 132
Heat 51 9 132 837 32 81

Final Winners
7 -Gordon Moodie
118 -Matthew McKinstry
194 - Robbie Wright
951 - Robert Mawhinney
12 - Christopher Cardwell
194 - Clive Wilson

Champions crowned at the Raceway!

In an afternoon of all action Stock Car racing several champions was crowned at NuttsCorner Raceway.

The first title action of the day was the Brisca F2 Stock Car NI Oval TV Grand National Series Finale. With the season long series points tallied, it was Bangor’s Craig McConnell who started of pole position. McConnell anticipated the start to perfection and was able to break free of his pursuers in the opening laps. Stephen McCready took up the running in second place just a handful of car lengths behind McConnell but was unable to close the gap throughout the race. McConnell took the honours ahead of McCready and Lee Davison who demonstrated good pace in the showdown. With the Grand National Series concluded the F2’s completed the afternoon with a full race format of two heats and a final. The grid was swollen with the welcome addition of Gordon Moodie from Scotland who is the current World Champion. Local man Thomas Greer romped to victory in both the heat’s before Moodie cranked up the pace to capture the meeting final glory in style. Adding extra significance to proceedings, it happened to be Moodie’s 462nd final victory which is a new Brisca record formerly held Bill ‘The Master’ Batten. Davison was the runner up ahead of McConnell in third.

After the National Championship the night before at Aghadowey Oval, the 1300 Stock Cars were back to business on day 2 as they contested the Irish Open Championship. The lower graded drivers commanded proceedings during the heats with Gareth Halliday and Ben White from England sharing the spoils. The newly crowned National Champion Ryan Stewart was another who featured well in the heat events placing second and third respectively. The heat winners Halliday and White shared the front row for the feature race. Not long after the green flag Stewart quickly moved through to the front and soon stretched well clear. While Stewart held sway out front it was a more rowdy picture behind with several clashes for position taking place. A bruising clash between William Stewart and Jacob Bromley required a caution period which would see the cars regrouped. During the race suspension the long-time leader Stewart become involved in an incident which would see him disqualified by the steward. On the resumption this moved Robbie Wright to front with Nicky Lowry and Dan Booth in tow. Wright got into a smooth rhythm gradually pulling well clear while Lowry and Booth battled it out allowing Calvin Blake in on the mix. Wright completed the laps to take the win with Blake surviving a last bend assault from Booth to take the runner up step on the podium.

It was Irish Championship time for both the Group Two Lightning Rods and Junior Rods. The Junior Rod pole sitter Jack Morrow took the chequered Flag after a terrific race long battle with Christopher Cardwell. Cardwell crossed the line second with Jonathan Brown third. This is not where the story would end however as Morrow and Brown both were disqualified following post-race scrutineering. Christopher Cardwell was then confirmed as Irish Champion with Cole McFall and Odhrann McGeown the other podium finishers. Cardwell went on to claim victory in the Irish Revenge race before Sam Stewart secured the heat win. Clive Wilson has been the form man off late in the Group Two Lightning Rods and demonstrated this once again when he captured the Irish title in style ahead of Paul Nesbitt and David Nesbitt. Buckna’s Matthew Curran put his name to the Irish Revenge race before George Esler rounded out the afternoon with a heat win.

The support action was provided by the Stock Rods and 2L Saloon Stock Cars. Matthew Mckinstry opened his win tally with a fine victory in heat one before Kell’s man Adam Sloan the current Gold Cup Champion cruised through to take the heat two spoils. McKinstry had the bit between his teeth come the final, providing a master class to secure his second win of the day. Sloan was again on the pace to come home second with Thomas McCrory Jnr third. Robert Mawhinney continued his current run of form in the 2L Saloon Stock Cars, where he sailed to victory in the opening heat. The drivers faced tough conditions in heat two thanks to a passing rain shower; Mawhinney was an early casualty this time around. Matthew Stirling took over at the front early on with Ryan Wright close behind. A few car lengths separated the pair throughout until the last bend when backmarking traffic come into play, Wright edged Stirling wide and got to the inside setting it up for a grand stand finish as the duo scrambled towards the finish line, Stirling got the better exit and took the honours with a few feet to spare. With the woes of heat two behind him Mawhinney was back on commanding form in the meeting final where he broke well clear of the competition to take the honours, Stirling was gain on the pace to capture second ahead of Anthony McIvor.

This Friday 4th October (7pm) is another Irish Championship Triple Header featuring BriSCA F2 Stock Cars Irish Championship, 2L Saloon Stock Cars Irish Championship and Stock Rods Irish Championship while the Junior Rods will provide the support racing.

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Thursday 26th December 2019, 2.00pm

Derek Mason Memorial - King of the Corner Meeting
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Saloon Stock Cars
1300 Stock Cars
Junior Rods
Micro Bangers
Stock Rods
Figure 8 Caravan D/Derby