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Sunday 19th May 2019

Heat 1 436 718 925 917 978 24 122 47 278
Heat 2 718 925 917 24 47 436 300 122 278
Final 718 300 925 436 917 122 24 978 278

Stock Rods
Heat 1 65 997 314 23 932 78 57 924 19 957
Heat 2 932 997 314 78 958 23 57 65 924 957
Final 314 997 57 23 19 924 957 78

Junior Rods
Heat 1 12 4 47 924 911 888 72 41 152
Heat 2 4 12 888 41 911 924 47 72 152
Final 4 924 72 911 41 12 888 152

Micro Bangers
Heat 1 2 215 151 391 363
Heat 2 215 24 999 924
Final 999 24 215 2 363 125
DD 999/363

1300 Stock Cars
Heat 1 70 212 1 515 97 22 915 145 946 36
Heat2 212 70 946 515 97 22 145
Final 515 946 212 22 1 97 145 70

Street Rods
Heat 1 996 119 39 61 121 44 86 79 534
Heat 2 39 119 61 996 44 121 534 79
Final 61 119 36 121 44 79 86 996

Final Winners
718 - Gavin Fegan
314 - Jack Kennedy
4 - Jason McMullan
999 - Karl Smyth
515 - Joshua McKinstry
61 - Dan Robinson


Bad Company dominates banger proceedings.

In what was a fun filled afternoon of Micro Banger action the Bad Company team crushed the opposition in style. Aaron McGraw was the first to put points on the board when he picked up the win in heat one after his team mate Leonard Dunn run into trouble in the closing stages. Local lad Matthew McKinstry was the long-time leader of the second encounter, however as the race neared its conclusion he found himself launched into a pile up on the river end. Dunn moved through to take the win which had eluded him earlier in the afternoon. The meeting final was another crushing affair which seen the Bad Company trio of Dunn, Karl Smyth and Stephen Boyd run at the front throughout. The team members traded places while eliminating anything else in sight, as the chequered flag dropped it was Smyth who took the win with Boyd and Dunn next across the line. The final turned immediately into a Destruction Derby which was soon halted as Matt Milliken needed some assistance after a big wreck on the Airport bend. After some chaotic action the field soon dwindled until just Smyth and Johnny Murdock remained. The pair brought the action to an end quickly however with a spectacular head on contest on the back straight which resulted in both cars expiring. The result was declared as a dead heat. There were a number of other awards presented with Smyth also picking up entertainer of the day title. Sheldon Murray was awarded wreck of the day for the damage sustained to his Nissan Micro while McKinstry was acknowledged for his well turned out Vauxhall Corsa which was labelled the best presented car.

Support Formula Round Up.

The yellow graded Mazzy McCreight got his afternoon off to a promising start in the Brisca F2 Stock Cars with a run-away win in heat one. Heat two was a somewhat more robust affair with a spectacular moment for Sean McFerran when his car took to the air as it almost tipped over. Away from the drama was the Irish Open Champion Gavin Fegan who comes through from the red grade to take the win. Mark Rainey set the pace for most of the meeting final however as the laps ticked away Fegan closed the gap and took over out front. Fegan completed the remaining laps to take the honours ahead of Rainey and Craig McConnell in third.

In the Stock Rod section former Junior Rod star name Matthew Drysdale continued his promising transition to the senior ranks with a flag to flag victory in heat one. Daniel Rodgers set the early bench mark in heat two before Ian Thompson Snr turned up the pace to move through and take the honours. Come the final the heat winners Drysdale and Thompson were the frontrunners until the duo clashed on the back straight resulting in a caution period. The race suspension played into the hands of the star graded Jack Kennedy who took up the running soon after the resumption, once Kennedy got to the front he continued to stretch away from the pack taking the win in style, Matt Milliken was second with Raymond Harper third.

Christopher Cardwell was the winner of Junior Rod heat one before Jason McMullan used his white grade starting slot to full advantage taking the silverware in both heat two and the meeting final, Jack Morrow enjoyed a clean run through to secure a runner up finish in the final with Odhrann McGeown third.

In the 1300 Stock Cars Ryan Stewart and Nicky Lowry shared the heat wins before local teenager Joshua McKinstry romped to an unhindered triumph in the meeting final making it two final wins on the trot! Fionn Donnelly was the second place finisher with Lowry third

Also in action was the ever growing Street Rod formula. David Brown enjoyed victory in heat one before fellow white grader Richard Nicholl secured the heat two glory. The rapid Brown was an early casualty in the feature race spinning early on. Adam Simpson took over at the front and held the advantage most of the race until Dan Robinson slipped though on the closing laps to scoop the silverware, Simpson was the gallant runner up with Nicholl third.

The eagerly anticipated Caravan Destruction Derby was the final event of the afternoon. The large gatherings of onlookers were awarded for their patience, as fourteen caravans took to the track. As the saying goes.. Save the best to last!! This was the case, as the drivers went straight into battle with caravans falling to pieces all around; it was chaos from start to finish! After the dust had settled Johnny Lorimer emerged the victor.

Race action returns to the Raceway on Wednesday 29th May (7.30pm) featuring BriSCA F2 Stock Cars, 2L Saloon Stock Cars, Junior Rods, Micro F2 Stock Cars
and GP2 Lightning Rods.

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Wednesday 8th May 2019

Heat 1 718 925 122 216 47 24 914 436 89
Heat 2 925 47 718 122 216 914 24 300 436 89
Final 925 47 216 718 122 914 436 300
Grand National 718 24 47 436 122 914

Stock Rods
Heat 1 65 924 26 23 314 45 19 5 39 957
Heat 2 924 45 65 314 26 19 23 957 997 39
Final 26 23 65 957 45 997 5 39

2Lt Saloon Stock Cars
Heat 1 811 711 153 262 973 292
Heat 2 153 711 811 262 292 951
Final 811 711 153 262 292

GP2 Lightning Rods
Heat 1 9 194 32 81 837 132 51 28 77 72
Heat 2 194 9 81 837 32 132 51 28 77 72
Final 81 28 132 32 837 194 77 51

1300 Stock Cars
Heat 1 19 212 36 515 1 946 70 145
Heat2 212 19 946 70 94 145 36
Final 515 212 946 70 1 145 19

Street Rods
Heat 1 534 119 121 44 996
Heat 2 121 119 44 996
Final 121 119 534 44 996

Final Winners
925 - Craig McConnell
26 - Adam Sloan
811 - Kieran McIvor
81 - Jonny Bigger
515 - Joshua McKinstry
121 - Warren Thompson


McConnell and Fegan share glory

A healthy field of Brisca F2 Stock Cars were in action, with the welcome addition of former National Hot Rod World Champion John Christie and former Stock Rod World Champion Stephen McCready both trying their hand in the rapid single seaters. Sean McFerran set the early pace in heat 1 until Gavin Fegan come through from the red grade to take up the running, all the while Craig McConnell was edging closer until the pair were bumper to bumper on the final lap. McConnell issued a well calculated hit onto the rear of Fegan as they entered the last bend, McConnell shifted Fegan wide enough to move through on the inside and make his way towards the finish line. Fegan tried his best to keep up momentum on the outside line with the duo now in a drag race, as they crossed the line it was McConnell who held the advantage by a matter of inches, in a unusual turn of events the electronic lap scoring system picked Fegan up as being the winner and he was subsequently given the honours. McFerran again set the early benchmark in heat 2 before McConnell blast through in the later stages to take the win. The final started off in a similar fashion to the earlier heats with McFerran leading the way, McConnell was again looking sharp as he battled his way through the pack and eventually into the lead, this time around Fegan was close behind as the five lap marker appeared. While the laps ticked away Fegan was getting closer and closer, as they entered turn 3 for the last time Fegan launched the bumper into McConnell in a last ditch effort to take the win, Fegan’s car spun around and into the wall after impacting with McConnell who brushed it off and completed the distance to take the silverware. McFerran secured second place with Thomas Greer third. The final event of the night was the Grand National where Fegan romped to an unhampered victory ahead of Sam McKay and McFerran.

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Kell’s man Adam Sloan enjoyed victory in the ORCi Stock Rod Final, Sloan dominated the race to take the flag ahead of Jason Clyde and Matthew Drysdale. Earlier in the evening the heat wins were shared between Drysdale and Andrew Morrow.

The 2L Saloon Stock Car were back to domestic duties after their big International event at Nutts Corner last month. Kieran McIvor excelled in the slippery conditions in heat 1 to take victory before Ryan Wright claimed the honours in heat 2. K McIvor was back on top form in the meeting final where he took the win ahead of his brother Anthony in second, Wright was third.

Broughshane’s Matthew Curran continued his current streak of form in the Group 2 Lightning Rods with a win in heat 1, star man Clive Wilson was the heat 2 victor. The low graded Jonny Bigger held of the pressure of the big names to pick up the final win, which was his first silverware in the formula. Rodney Stewart was the runner up with Ricky Peoples third.

In the all action 1300 Stock Cars it was local lad Joshua McKinstry who took the feature race ahead of Nicky Lowry and Fionn Donnelly. Early in the meeting Jamie Hunter and Lowry shared the heat honours.
Completing the busy race programme was the Street Rods.

Ballymena’s Samuel Taylor cruised to victory in the opening heat. The remainder of the event was dominated by the World Cup Champion Warren Thompson who triumphed in both heat 2 and the meeting final.

Racing continues on Sunday 19th May at 2pm. It promises to be an action packed afternoon of family fun with a Caravan Destruction Derby the headline event. Also on the billing are the lively Micro Bangers as well as BriSCA F2 Stock Cars, 1300 Stock Cars, Stock Rods, Junior Rods and Street Rods.
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Wednesday 17th April 2019

Heat 1 925 436 24 243 718 122 46
Heat 2 718 925 122 24 216 243 978 436 46
Final 122 718 925 978 24 436 216 46
Grand National 718 978 925 436 46 122

Stock Rods
Heat 1 45 65 932 57 23 958 78 263
Heat 2 45 57 65 39 263
Final 263 65 26 932 39 23 958 57

Junior Rods
Heat 1 47 12 932 888 41 924 72 911 4
Heat 2 924 41 911 72 888 12 47 932 152
Final 4 12 924 72 41 47 911 888 152

GP2 Lightning Rods
Heat 1 87 194 37 32 837 9 81 77 114
Heat 2 87 194 37 9 81 837 32 77
Final 9 87 837 194 37 81 32 77 72

Micro F2's
Event 1 24 922 932 8
Event 2 8 922 932 945
Event 3 922 932 8 24

Final Winners
122 - Curtis Greer
263 - Dean McGill
4 - Jason McMullan
9 - Matthew Curran

Greer bags silverware.

A decent mid week showing of 9 Brisca F2 Stock Cars gridded for heat one. Darren Lockhart set the early pace from the white grade but it wasn’t long until yellow grader Mazzy McCreight took over out front. McCreight held the advantage for much of the distance although as the race neared its conclusion Gavin Fegan and Craig McConnell blasted through. Fegan received the last lap marker before McConnell moved through to the front on the river bend. McConnell survived a last bend lunge from Fegan to take the win; Fegan spun himself out in the process which allowed McCreight to take the runner-up finish. Heat two started of in a similar fashion with Lockhart and McCreight the early pace setters. As per the earlier encounter, the star graders blasted through in the later stages with Fegan picking up the victory ahead of McConnell. Cullybackey’s Curtis Greer enjoyed a fine run through from the blue grade in the meeting final to scoop his first silverware in the Briscsa F2’s, Fegan edged closer to Greer as the laps run down but it wasn’t enough to upset the rapid Greer. Fegan was second with McConnell third. Round one of the NI Oval TV Grand National Series, rounded out the busy race card which resulted in another win for Fegan.

McGill heads back to Scotland with Pride

There was a pleasing entry of 11 ORCi Stock Rods in action, with the welcome addition of Dean McGill who made his fourth Nutts Corner appearance of 2019. Heat one was in its infancy when a caution period was required after Jack Kennedy lost a wheel on the home straight. Former Junior Rod star name Matthew Drysdale showed some great potential as he headed the pack on the restart. Veteran racer Wilfie McNiece soon found a way through and went on to take the honours ahead of Drysdale. McNiece pulled off another dominating drive in heat two to secure his second win of the evening, the European Champion Raymond Harper enjoyed a clean run to pick up the runner-up spot. Drysdale held the advantage for much of the opening stages of the final, all the while McGill had found some pace he lacked earlier in the meeting and was edging ever closer. McGill was able to catch up on the leading Drysdale and move through to the front. Thereafter McGill galloped well clear of his pursuers to take and emphatic victory. Behind was a fantastic dice for placing’s which seen Drysdale snatch another second place finish in front of Ian Thompson in third.

Support Formula Round.

Also on the busy race schedule was the Group Two Lightning Rods, Junior Rods and the Micro F2’s making their season debut. The Micro F2s had the welcome addition of James Owen from England who was making his first ever appearance in Northern Ireland, Amy Morrow was the pace setter in heat one before Owen and Joshua Murray commanded the remainder of the meeting. Ten Junior Rods were in action providing the onlookers a feast of thrills and spills. Jamie Cardwell and Jack Morrow were victorious in the heat events before Jason McMullan bagged the final honours, Chris Cardwell was the runner up with Morrow third. Ballymena’s James Goldie was a double heat winner in the Group Two Lightning Rods, however he was denied the perfect hat trick when Broughshane man Matthew Curran navigated his Vauxhall Astra to an emphatic win in the feature final, Goldie was forced to settle for runner up with David Nesbitt third.

The race action continues on Wednesday 8th May (7.30pm) featuring BriSCA F2 Stock Cars Grand National Series Round 2, 2L Saloon Stock Cars, 1300 Stock Cars, Stock Rods, Street Rods and GP2 Lightning Rods.

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Wednesday 29th May 2019, 7.30pm

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
2L Saloon Stock Cars
Junior Rods
Micro F2 Stock Cars
GP2 Lightning Rods

Saturday 8th June 2019, 6.30pm


BriSCA F2 Stock Cars 2019 F2 Nationals Championship
2L Saloon Stock Cars
Stock Rods
Gp2 Lightning Rods

Sunday 9th June 2019, 1.30pm

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars 2019 Irish Open Championship
2L Saloon Stock Cars
Junior Rods
Micro F2 Stock Cars
Street Rods

Wednesday 19th June 2019, 7.30pm

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars Grand National Series Round 5
1300 Stock Cars
Junior Rods
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