National Bangers

These all action full contact range of Bangers have become a favourite with spectators and race fans that wish to see smash and crash racing. However safety is paramount at these events to ensure that the car is the only thing getting wrecked. There are various derivatives to the type of car that can be used dependant on weight and engine size. They are Unlimited Bangers, 2 Litre Bangers, Rookie Bangers and Micro Bangers.

There are also Big Van Bangers and Buses and all can appear in Demolition Derby’s.

Relevant Downloads

- National Bangers Rules 2023 - Updated 14th Mar 2023


Saturday 30th December 2023, 12.00am

King Of Nutts Corner For ALL FORMULA
B2B Micro Bangers
2L Saloons
1300 Saloons
Junior Rods
Gp2 Lighting Rods
Figure of 8 Carvan Demolition Derby