Added Thursday 16th January 2020
In the last 14 days the ORCi has learnt that the stadium owners made a decision to accept an offer
from a different prospective promotional team to take over operations at Swaffham Raceway from the
1st February.
As all who know Pete Gould would understand, he has become extremely well respected and worked
tirelessly for a number of years trying to re-establish the raceway with considerable success and at
considerable personal cost.
In late 2018 / early 2019 the ORCi accepted Swaffham and, with further investment in his operation
from Pete, joined the ORCi.
This potentially opened up the venue to more mainstream formulae and exciting plans for 2020 were
at an advanced stage.
Sadly, in just recent weeks, despite offers of support and meetings involving other ORCi promoters
supporting Peter, the owners took a decision to change.
Whilst the ORCi have not been in direct contact with the new promotion, neither have they been in
contact with us however they have made it clear in their announcement they wish to operate
This was discussed at a recent ORCi meeting and we are saddened for Pete, together with
assistance volunteered with others to secure the stadium for Pete and ORCi formulae.
Mr Gould has been offered support from the ORCi where it can to find ways for him to move forward
however, given the circumstances as part of that support the ORCi advises that:
Any driver racing in any formula at Swaffham will receive a 12 month ORCi ban which will be reset
every time that driver races there
If there are any further developments, then the ORCi will issue further guidance.

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