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Sunday 3rd September 2023

nutts corner raceway

Heat 1: 761 547 890 184 915 931 191 980 419 560

Heat 2: 992 390 7 154 880 86 16 918 127 226

Consolation: 180 24 801 3 376 647 183 968 387 979

Irish OpenFinal: 7 890 647 915 560 390 213 96 419 980

Grand National: 184 154 80 24 560 390 578 7 213 918

2Lt Saloon Stock Cars

Heat 1: 501 38 27 711 105 124 622 620 153 902

Heat 2: 620 747 38 501 711 59 811 622 407 27

Final: 902 711 620 59 199 811 747 8 38 622

ORCi Stock Rods

World Final: 16 272 29 920 314 84 47 268 700 115

Revenge: 924 84 887 612 115 700 958 47 268

Allcomers: 924 944 314 958 161 612 115 268 535 93

ORCi Ministox

Irish Open: 42 202 88 68 6 629 172 484 628 306

Revenge: 306 60 7 202 339 68 14 484 207 51

Allcomers: 870 617 78 7 14 202 306 172 339 50



Sunday’s meeting would see the F2’s contest the Irish Open Championship. Bowyer was a heat winner again with Burns following on his pleasing result from the night before with a well judged victory in heat two. Lady racer 180 Courtney Witts had a pleasing win in the consolation race securing her place in the Irish Open final.

The Irish Open showdown was lined up in graded order, with the star names at the back of the field. The race was less than a lap old when a caution period was required when Wallace rolled over in turn 3 after what was a barbaric start to proceedings. On the restart things soon settled down and the World Champion Moodie peeled through the pack and eventually made it all the way to the front, having hunted down 647 Chris Burgoyne and finally race leader 890 Paul Rice.

There was a big talking point along the way, when Guinchard clashed heavily with Jack Witts and Shea Fegan, taking the trio out of contention. Moodie went on to take the title ahead of Rice and Burgoyne.
The final race action of the weekend was a Grand National. The previous night’s LCQ winner Vaight was again on the pace to take the spoils in this one.


With all the points tallied and confirmed, Philp emerged as the pole sitter with Cardwell alongside. The race started in quite an explosive manner with the front rows shuffled wide by the chasing pack. 16 Samuel Montgomery found himself at the helm albeit under immense pressure from big names such as 314 Jack Kennedy, 958 Shea Duff and Philp to name but a few. The race wasn’t without its dramas, not least when 172 Derek McAllister was spun out, but when he rejoined, 92 William Donnell ran both drivers heavily around the turns 3 & 4 wall. McAllister and Donnell were both disqualified.

Regardless of the caution periods and restarts, Montgomery continued to lead but his position was now under serious pressure from Philp and 272 John McAllister. However, deep into the closing stages, Philp made an untidy pass on Montgomery and bundled his way into the lead. Philp completed the race distance to take the flag, ahead of Montgomery and McAllister. A lengthy Stewards enquiry followed, as officials studied the Raceway’s camera footage. Philp was handed down a 2 place penalty for his involvement in the back straight incident which saw Duff spun across the infield, whereby a marker tyre was bludgeoned out on to the track. The docking of Philip elevated Montgomery back to first place and the Limavady man was crowned as World Champion, McAllister was confirmed as the runner up with Philp demoted to third. Sportingly, Philp congratulated new gold top Montgomery.

Jack Morrow commanded the remaining Stock Rod races of the afternoon, taking the spoils in the Revenge race and Allcomers event.


The Saloons continued their lively display throughout the rest of Sunday’s race card. Scotland’s Aaryn Triggs and 501 Ally Strachan shared the heat honours this time. Compton-Sage survived a last bend assault from 711 Anthony McIvor to take the final spoils, making it 2 feature wins on the trot for last year’s World Cup winner.


Irish Open Championship 2023 - green flag dropped and there were a few spinning cars at the start of the long 20 lap race for drivers. 88 Kyle Rogerson maintained the lead until lap 7 of the race. All drivers drove fantastic, hard and fast racing, putting on a great show for the crowd. Yellow flag formation: 290 Alfie Tomkins, 29 David Philp Jnr Jnr, 42 Jake Wilson. 290 Alfie Tomkins held a healthy lead with 5 drivers in contention for second place; 202 Cody Bradford / 42 Jake Wilson / 60 Bailey Millar / 6 Hamish Plenderleith / 29 David Philip Jnr Jnr. An eventful, action packed, few laps followed resulting another yellow flag; 60 Bailey Millar a causality after putting up a good fight to get to the front. 6 Hamish Plenderleith pulled into the lead battling with 42 Jake Wilson, 6 falls short with a neat 360 spun and rejoins. 202 Cody Bradford tried to challenge for the lead however it was 42 Jake Wilson who took himself to victory lane becoming the first Irish Open Champion 2023, followed by 202 Cody Bradford and 88 Kyle Rogerson.

Revenge Race - this was a reverse grid of the previous race putting 306 Oliver Heron the recently crowned Open Scottish Champion on pole. It was a busy start with a few spinning cars, many drivers out of shape coming down the back straight pushing a marker tyres onto the track. Yellow flag formation: 306 Oliver Heron, 629 Kerr Paterson and 207 Alfie Frecken. Another yellow allowed a change upfront and brought more drivers into the mix. There were 5 drivers again in contention for second place; 202 Cody Bradford / 60 Bailey Millar / 207 Alfie Frecken / 172 Rian Mitchell / 629 Kerr Paterson. It was a dramatic finish with cars across both end of the track. 306 Oliver Heron lead the entire race, flag to flag, followed by 60 Bailey Millar and 7 Charlie Hardie.

Allcomers, this was graded order. 78 Nicole Allardyce showing good pace and increased confidence leading the first half of the race. Whilst 870 Bertie Farrell and 617 Christina Sillifant came through; both challenging and exchanging the lead. It was 870 Bertie Farrell who took the last spot in victory lane for the weekend, followed by 617 Christina Sillifant and 78 Nicole Allardyce. A rewarding top 3 having all been in mix of things all weekend.

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