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Friday 30th December 2022

nutts corner raceway

2Lt Saloon Stock Cars
Heat 1 153 22 719 929 181 493
Heat 2 153 22 719 181 973 929 163 493
Final 153 719 22 973 493 181 163

1300 Saloon Stock Cars
Heat 1 127 923 888 32 997 803 335 924 515 44
Heat 2 923 888 127 997 924 946 515 59 32 44
Final 923 888 924 335 32 803 44 127 946 59

Junior Rods
Heat 1 945 924 534 922 991 967 61 18 932 85
Heat 2 991 924 534 922 967 932 18 85 61 945
Final 924 991 534 18 967 61 922 85 218

GP2 Lightning Rods
Heat 1 360 87 194 37 51 837 32 11 72 139
Heat 2 360 194 11 37 51 837 81 87 139 72
Final 194 360 37 51 87 81 11 32 837 139

B2B Bangers
Heat 1 32 118 152 48 75 53
Heat 2 118 48 75 53
Final 48 152 75
DD 75
Festive bash at Raceway

There was a five formula winter treat at the Nutts Corner Raceway on 30th Dec featuring 2L Saloon Stock Cars, 1300 Stock Cars, Back to Basic Micro Bangers, Gp 2 Lightning Rods, Junior Rods and a ever popular Caravan Destruction Derby.

The Irish Champion Ryan Wright was in fine form in the all action 2L Saloon Stock Cars where he chalked up a hat trick of wins leaving the festive meeting undefeated. Bushmills Dylan Booth looked on set to take the spoils in heat one however Wright was on hand to deliver a last bend blow to move through and take the honours. In a reverse grid scenario Wright powered well clear from the front row to take the win again in heat two. Points tallied from the heats saw Wright and Bradley woods share the front row for the final with Booth behind. Wright again commanded proceedings take a flag to flag victory crowning himself King of NuttsCorner, Booth was the gallant runner up keeping Wright honest for the first half of the race.

The 1300 Stock Cars were out in force with a high car count including the addition of Tommy McCrory Snr and multiple Stock Rod Champion Mark Crawford. Jonny Patterson was the first to triumph with a convincing runaway victory in heat one. There after Ballymena’s Chris Hamill turned up the pace taking victory in both the second heat and the King of NuttsCorner Final. The final was action all the way with plenty of lively exchanges throughout. The Irish Champion Jonathan Brown was the runner up with Ivan Elliot third.

The Junior Rods served up a competitive afternoon of racing with different winners in each of the races. Mya Hill was victor of the opening heat before Irish Champion Daniel Stewart took the heat two spoils. Come the King of NuttsCorner Final Jack Morrow used his experience to romp clear of the competition. Morrow was joined on the podium by Stewart and Daniel Taylor.

Ballymena’s Gary Freeburn continued to impress in the Group 2 Lightning Rod formula where he scored a brace of heat victories. Freeburn had a good run in the King of the Corner Final also but was forced to settle for second place this time around when Clive Wilson cruised through to take up the running and indeed the win.

Completing the programme was the B2B Micro Bangers where each of the races served up a different winner. Aaron McGraw and Matthew McKinstry shared the heat wins before the North West drive Jake Macnicol upped his game to grab the final silverware. Josh Anderson was the runner up with Philip Holmes third.

The event concluded with an awesome Caravan Destruction Derby. Kurtis Reid emerged the winner have a gruelling crash fest.

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