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Saturday 2nd April 2022

nutts corner raceway
Heat 1 222 718 918 216 467 74
Heat 2 467 718 74 918 222 216
Final 74 467 918 243 216 222

2Lt Saloon Stock Cars
Heat 1 349 711 124 181 670 600 96 5 951 166
Heat 2 85 618 38 711 153 670 698 501 719 96
Heat 3 349 85 902 546 153 698 618 600 5 496
Irish Open Final 349 600 85 747 153 711 698 670 546 951

Stock Rods
Heat 1 92 981 142 958 924 16 908 65 77 632
Heat 2 77 92 142 908 958 16 987 65 932 21
Heat 3 908 958 16 142 92 77 932

GP2 Lightning Rods
Heat 1 24 194 51 777 132 837 81 87
Heat 2 51 837 81 87 194 37 72 777 172
Final 24 51 837 777 87 194 37 81 172

Micro F2 Stock Cars
Heat 1 15 57 46 766 181 22 557 312 36 153
Heat 2 879 57 15 29 557 46 22 181 19 845
Final 15 29 22 557 46 181 845 36 153 10

The 2L Saloon Stock Cars took centre stage at Nutts Corner Raceway over the weekend of 2nd/3rd April as they contested their Irish Open Championship Speedweekend.

There was representation from all Corners of the UK with drivers representing England and Scotland joining the locals to fight it out for supremacy. Altogether over 30 cars took part throughout the weekend.

A two third format was used for Saturday's night racing, with each of the drivers racing in two qualifying heats before the Irish Open Showdown at the end of the evening.

The first heat of the weekend went the way of multiple champion Michael Allard who performed a master class to claw his way from the rear of the field to take the win ahead of Coleraine's Anthony McIvor. Heat two saw another champion visit victory lane, this time it was Kyle Irvine the current European title holder, finishing just ahead of fellow Scotsman Stuart Shevill Jnr. Heat three of the night was action all the way, as the star graders exchanged lively blows as they went in search of valuable qualifying points. Allard emerged the victor once again, with Irvine the runner-up.

As the cars took to the grid for the Irish Open final it was clear to see it was a star stubbed front few rows, containing Allard, Irvine, Shevill the current UK Champion, Anthony McIvor and Ryan Wright both former Irish Champions and the defending Irish Open Champion Ross Watters.
Allard made a good escape on the green, leading the way for several laps ahead of McIvor, Irvine and Wright. Further back in the pack there was no shortage of drama, with a caution period soon called. A lively restart would see only a further few laps completed before another caution , this time a pile up in turn 3 claimed a few high profile casualties including Allard and McIvor. Wright took up the running on the restart with Barry Russell behind, Wrights spell at the front was short lived as he was sent scattering into a stricken car on turn 3. All the while Russell edged away in the lead with Matthew Stirling and Adam White giving chase. A late caution would regroup the cars once final time, with Russell still the leader, ahead of Stirling and Allard now recovered to third. Allard overcome Russell to take the win, making it three in the trot. Russell was runner up ahead of Irvine, Stirling and Wright.

Support Formula Round Up

The Stock Rods were qualifying during Saturday's meeting for the Irish Masters Championship the following afternoon. After three close fought races William Donnell, Jason Darragh and Norman Purdy all scored victories.
It was a sluggish start to the season for the Brisca F2 Stock Cars with seven cars in attendance. Jordan Wright and Aidan McFerran were the heat winners before Jonny Stirling romped to victory in the meeting final.

Completing the race card was the Micro F2's and Group 2 Lightning Rods. Caitlin Mitchell was a welcome addition in the Micro F2 class where she recorded a victory in event two. Andrew Cole was again on top form in the GP2's, taking the flag in heat one and the final, Cole was denied the hat trick by George Esler who scooped the heat two spoils.

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