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Friday 30th August 2019

Heat 1 917 998 925 122 24 89 14 985
Heat 2 998 917 925 122 718 24 89 985
Final 998 917 122 718 925 985 89

2L Saloon Stock Cars
Heat 1 951 292 711 262 170 811 160
Heat 2 711 262 811 170 292 951 160
Final 951 711 262 17 811

1300 Stock Cars
Heat 1 194 145 946 70 212 1 515 127 24
Heat 2 194 70 145 212 946 515 1 24 127
Final 70 145 212 194 127 515 1 24 946

Group 2 Lightning Rods
Heat 1 51 37 194 28 837 32 77 81 132 766
Heat 2 51 194 28 32 132 38 837 77
Final 194 51 28 837 27 81 132 32 77

Micro F2's
Event 1 922 945
Event 2 24 945
Event 3 24 922 945

Final Winners
925 - Graham Fegan
951 -Robert Nawhinney
70 - Ryan Stewart
194 - Clive Wilson


Drivers and fans alike were greeted by inclement conditions and Fridays NuttsCorner fixture. Race one of the evening was the opening Brisca F2 encounter. While the drivers searched for grip all race long to little avail, the rapid Stephen McCready had found traction and was commanding proceedings. As the race decayed Graham Fegan edged closer to the leader McCready until the pair were as one going into the final lap. Fegan put the bumper into McCready in an attempt to unsettle him from the top spot; however it proved not to be enough as the pair tangled with each other. McCready crossed the line first albeit sideways with Fegan next. Gerard Hartley took up the early heat two running, this time Fegan had broken well clear of his fellow star graders and soon started to chase down Hartley. Fegan didn’t waste much time in catching Hartley and making a move for the front. Once Fegan took over at the helm it was plain sailing all the way to the end, this time McCready was the runner up. The final was brought under red flag conditions on lap one after an unsatisfactory start was declared by the Steward. When the race got going proper Aaron Brunton occupied the early sway briefly before Fegan stormed through. As per heat two, Fegan went on to take the silverware ahead of McCready, Curtis Greer rounded out the podium steps.

Robert Mawhinney enjoyed the wet conditions in the 2L Saloon Stock Cars where he romped well clear of the competition in heat one to take a clear triumph ahead of the runner up Daryl McCammon. Mawhinney looked as though he was going to perform a repeat in heat two, however Winston Weir and Anthony McIvor closed in drastically in the concluding laps. Weir was hot on Mawhinney’s tail on the back straight for the final time and quickly went in with a last bend punt which would spin the leader out of contention. This allowed McIvor to slip through and take the win. Mawhinney was back on top form in the final, rapidly dispatching McCammon. Once in the lead Mawhinney reeled of the laps to take the victory ahead of McIvor.

Another doing the rain dance was Robbie Wright in the 1300 Stock Cars. The super star graded driver sliced his way through the traffic to record a definite victory in heat one. Calvin Blake was the runner up in the opening heat before Ryan Stewart followed Wright across the line in the second event. The final was a burly affair with the double heat winner Wright not getting it all his own way at this time of asking. After several lively exchanges Ryan Stewart emerged the victor, making it two final wins on the bounce, at NuttsCorner. Blake finished his evening with another runner up finish ahead of Nicky Lowry.

In the Group Two Lightning Rods, Randalstown man George Esler took full advantage of his yellow grade starting slot; cruising to glory in both the heats. Paul Nesbitt was Esler’s closest trailer in heat one while Clive Wilson was the runner up the second time around. The double heat win resulted in an upgrade to blue for Esler, which would see him be denied the hat trick of wins. Esler got off to a storming start and commanded proceedings until the last stretch, when Wilson used his years of race craft to beat Esler to the finish line after a spectacular outside line dash. Elser was the noble runner up with Rodney Stewart third.

Completing the race card was the Micro F2 Stock Cars. Joshua Murray and Amy Morrow were the top performers while Mya Hill also featured prominently.

The next event at the Raceway is one of the most keenly anticipated meetings of the season. The ORCi Stock Rod World Championship takes place on Saturday 14th September (6pm). There will be full support action including the BriSCA F2 Stock Cars, 1300 Stock Cars Irish Closed Championship and Micro F2 Stock Cars. Sunday 15th September (1pm) will see racing from 2L Saloon Stock Cars, Stock Rods Gold Cup, Junior Rods Gold Cup ,Gp2 Lightning Rods Gold Cup and Street Rods Irish Championship.

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Sunday 31st July 2022, 1.00pm

2L Saloons
ORCI Stock Rods
1300 Saloons
Junior Rods
Gp2 Lightning Rods
Elite Hotrods 1KE Motorsport Series Qualifier

Sunday 7th August 2022, 1.00pm

1300 Irish Open Championship
ORCI Stock Rods
Junior Rods
Gp2 Lightning Rods
B2B Micro Bangers
Caravan Demolition Derby

Sunday 21st August 2022, 1.00pm

2L Saloons
Junior Rod Gold Top Qualifier
Gp2 Lightning Rods Gold Top Qualifier
Elite Hotrods 1KE Motorsport Series Qualifier
Micro F2

Sunday 11th September 2022, 1.00pm

2L Saloons
ORCI Stock Rod
Junior Rods
Elite Hotrods 1KE Motorsport Series Qualifier
Micro F2