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1300cc Stock Cars English Championship Result

Added Monday 10th February 2020
Following an enquiry into the 1300cc Stock Car English Championship the result will stand as the drivers came across the line which were 1st Jason Askew (690), 2nd Lee Pearce (23), 3rd Daniel Barkham (210).

The query was regarding the cable linkage to the gearbox but after doing an investigation we are finding out that a lot of other cars having been doing this and the Honda has to change on certain gearboxes from a clutch cable to hydraulic clutches. We feel this Is not enough to take the result off a driver.

This will be noted as a warning to Jason and other drivers that because you see things on other cars does not mean you can just go ahead and do it.

This will be added to the rules and if there are other rules like this can drivers please let us know now so we can either verify the rules or removes them please.

1300cc Stock Car Association


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