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Nutts Corner | Meetings | Results | 2018 | 26th September 2018
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  • 26th December 2018

    Results, report and photos from our meeting on 26th December 2018

    Updated: 10 Jan 2019 12:27

  • 26th September 2018

    Results, report and photos from our meeting on 26th September 2018

    Updated: 28 Sep 2018 16:03

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26th September 2018

Fegan grabs Irish title after dramatic conclusion

14 Brisca F2 Stock Cars took to the track at NuttsCorner Raceway, for the Irish Closed Championship final which is the biggest prize on the local scene. Bangor’s Craig McConnell was the pole sitter with Sam McKay alongside. Row two was made up of the Irish Open Champion Gavin Fegan on the inside with Graham Fegan occupying the outside line.

The drivers entered the arena on board their machinery, greeting the large gathering of fans on a grand parade lap. On the completion of the parade lap the drivers got strapped up and made their way to grid. It’s fair to say the combination of the cars under the floodlights and revving 2 litre engines had the atmosphere among the onlookers at fever pitch.

McConnell used all his years of experience to pull off what can be described as the perfect start. This allowed the former title holder McConnell to negotiate the opening lap unhampered.  Behind ,the others  were scuffling for position with Bradley McKinstry moving through to second with Graham Fegan now third.  Graham Fegan initiated a massive assault on McKinstry to move through into second.   By this stage McConnell was pulling further and further clear and already beginning to pick his way through back marking traffic. Fegan continued to run in second with his brother Gavin and Sean McFerran enjoying a good battle for third and fourth. As the 5 lap marker was produced McConnell was almost half a circuit ahead of his closest rival Graham Fegan, who himself was also safely clear of the third place runner. It looked as though McConnell had his fourth Irish title in the bag until mechanical problems side-lined him with only three laps left.  McConnell’s untimely exit come as a God send for the second place man Fegan, who was 6.531 seconds adrift. Fegan inherited the top spot and completed the distance to take the coveted title, Sean McFerran was the runner up with Gavin Fegan third. The top five was completed with William Murray fourth and Thomas Greer in fifth. 

The second event of the evening was the Irish Revenge race, which was a reverse grid of the Irish title. This race turned out to be a somewhat livelier affair, with heavy exchanges between Graham Fegan and McConnell.  Sparks flew as the pair battled it out with Thomas Greer and George Campbell getting caught in the crossfire and soon becoming collateral damage. Away from the drama on this occasion was McKinstry who swept clear of the field to take the win ahead of McKay.

The final race of the night saw a depleted entry with many cars now out of action due to excessive damage. The most notable absentee was the new champion Fegan.  F2 newcomer Stuart Percy headed the field for most of the race but McConnell was enjoying a rapid run through from the back and caught the white grader Percy in time to capture the win. McKay also nipped through late on to take second with Percy hanging in for a creditable third place finish. 

Anthony McIvor takes the Irish title in a bruising 2L Saloon contest

As always the grid for the 2018 Irish Championship was formed in order of points scored at domestic meetings in the province during the season, which placed Kieran McIvor and Matty Stirling on the front row. The other two members  of the province’s ‘Big Four’, Ryan Wright and Anthony McIvor, occupied row two, with the rest of the pleasing twelve car grid completed by Peter Greer, Robert Mawhinney, Winston Weir, Girvin Houston, William Ogilby, Darryl McCammon, Ryan Patton and Scott Rainey.

All eyes were on the start marshal as the cars completed their slow rolling lap and the action came immediately as the front two rows barrelled into the first corner with the bumpers flying in. K. McIvor and Wright came off worst in the bruising opening exchanges as A. McIvor nipped through into the lead, while Weir sidestepped the chaos to slip into second ahead of Houston, Stirling and Greer. A. McIvor quickly started to tease out a slight advantage over his pursuers while K. McIvor and Wright began to charge back up through the field, Wright starting from dead last almost half a lap behind the pack. Their task was aided when a caution was called with Patton stranded at the exit of turn four after being stuffed in by the hard charging Wright. A. McIvor controlled the restart perfectly to scamper away once again, but second place Weir now had Houston and Stirling right on his tail. The trio charged the river bend and ended up locked together in a pile-up! Weir and Stirling both extracted themselves from the melee, but Houston was going nowhere and with his car in a dangerous spot another caution period was required to move his stricken machine.

The order at the front was now A. McIvor from K. McIvor, with Mawhinney, Wright, Weir and Greer next in line. Wright quickly edged ahead of Mawhinney at the resumption and a grandstand finish looked on the cards with the front three now within striking distance of each other. With two laps to go however K. McIvor noticeably began to slow down the back straight in a very generous move which allowed his brother Anthony some breathing space entering the final lap. Anthony duly completed the final tour without having to worry about a final corner attack to make it four Irish titles on the spin, a feat which has never been done before in the Saloon class. Kieran was back on the brakes again half way down the back straight on the last lap as Wright and the recovered Stirling piled into the back of the #811 car on the final bend. Their sort out saw Wright cross the line in second after a fine comeback drive, with K. McIvor in third, followed home by Mawhinney, Stirling, Weir, Greer, Ogilby and Rainey.

Two support races followed, with the Irish Revenge race lined up as a reverse grid of the Irish Championship. This one brought plenty of action throughout with Houston ending up on his side after a massive contact with the infield marker tyres at the entry to river bend as he become involved with the battling Stirling, K M. McIvor and Wright! K. McIvor fought his way through to take the honours in this one, before Darryl McCammon rounded out a very entertaining night from the Saloons with victory in the Allcomers race.

Support Formula Round Up

Completing the busy race card was the Stock Rods and Junior Rods which provided the non-contact element of the programme.  The feature event of the night for the Stock Rods was the Stadium Championship Final. Rasharkin’s Niall McFerran started of pole position in title decider, where he was able to complete the distance and take the win ahead of Jack Kennedy and Sam McKinstry.  The Stock Rods finished off with two heat events where Kennedy and Andrew Morrow shared the wins.

The Junior Rods were in fine form once again with plenty of close wheel to wheel action.  Chris Cardwell got his night off to a fine start with a convincing win in heat one before local lad Jonathan Brown scooped the honours in heat two.  Ballymena’s Mark Crawford was unstoppable in the grand final where he took the flag ahead of Cardwell and Cole McFall.

The final race meeting of the domestic season takes place on  Sunday 7th October @ 2.00pm featuring the Junior Rod Irish Closed Championship, 2L Saloon Stock Car Stadium Championship, 1300 Stock Car Stadium Championship, Brisca F2 Stock Car Grand National Series Finale & Micro F2's.





Brisca F2 Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Irish Closed Championship 998 47 718 909 216 467 24 243 40
Irish Revenge Race 747 24 40 278 243 467
Heat 925 24 40 278 467
2L Saloon Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Irish Closed Championship Final 711 153 811 957 747 262 921 166 973
Irish Revenge Race 811 747 951 166 153 921
Heat 292 811 747 166 711
Junior Rods 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 12 911 888 698 47 60 932
Heat 2 888 12 698 932 911 41 47 924 60
Final 698 12 911 932 888 41 47
Stock Rod 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Stadium Championship 10 314 115 957 924 997 932
Heat 1 314 10 115 924 11 997 932 957
Heat 2 924 314 932 1 115 957
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