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    • Brisca F2 Stock Cars Grand National Series Rd3, 1300 Stock Cars, Junior Rods & Stock Rods

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Nutts Corner | Meetings | Results | 2016 | Sunday 14th August 2016
  • Next Meeting

    • Wednesday 27 June - 7.30pm
    • Brisca F2 Stock Cars Grand National Series Rd3, 1300 Stock Cars, Junior Rods & Stock Rods

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Sunday 14th August 2016

Rhianna Steals the Show

A splendid showing of cars appeared for Micro F2 heat 1 which led to some brilliant racing throughout the day, Sam Stewart took the glory in this one from Tyler McClurkin and Jack Morrow. Heat 2 provided some close proximity racing yet again, Rhianna Murray didn’t seem to have any trouble as she glided away into a mega lead to claim heat 2. The final was almost a carbon copy of heat 2, with Rhianna Murray sailing off into another big lead, McClurkin it was who was trying to chase Murray down, but it just wasn’t to be. Rhianna claimed the silverware in this one with McClurkin 2nd and Sam Stewart 3rd.

Wylie Takes Heat and Final

The Stock Rods where on show for the last time before their European Championship in a few weeks time, Tim Hazlett got things going with a heat 1 win. Hazlett managed to pull away from the back runners as they fought it out with some outstanding 3-a-breast racing throughout the length of the race. Hazlett came across the line 1st with newcomer Curtis Greer 2nd and Niall McFerran 3rd. Heat 2 was almost a replay of heat 1 only this time it was Lee Wylie who was the lead car, as the rest of the field battled it out, that had let Wylie pull even more of a gap from them. Wylie took the flag from Jason Clyde and Tim Hazlett. Come final time Wylie and Hazlett both got a brilliant start off the line from the blue grade and left the red graders battling it out amongst themselves. Curtis Greer and Jason Clyde made a break away from the back of the pack and made a charge at the front two runners, but Wylie had already pulled away from Hazlett to take the silverware with Greer 2nd and Hazlett 3rd.

Esler Rules the Roost

George Esler took a good haul of points away from the meeting after he took a double heat win. Esler didn’t find it easy at all especially in the closing stages of heat 1 as the red graders caught up and started to put the pressure on, although George kept his cool and lead all the way to the flag. Heat 2 was a case of deja-vu,  with Esler leading from flag to flag again, finding it difficult in the closing stages as the pressure was applied yet again by the more experienced drivers from the rear of the field. A good start was made again from the 51 Esler car in the final, leading the pack away almost throughout the full distance of the final, although he had Richard Purdy on his tail from the start of the race. Purdy seemed to be getting unsettled too as the leading pair got reeled in by David Reynolds and former Irish Champion Freddie Fleck. Purdy then managed to slip past Esler but only to be penalised by the meeting steward for contact, which then promoted the 2nd place David Reynolds to 1st, and Freddie Fleck to 2nd with Purdy then 3rd.

McIvor's take glory

Kieran McIvor took the flag in heat one for the 2L Saloons with brother Anthony not far behind in 2nd with Mark Hughes 3rd in the ex Barry Russell car. Kieran took the glory again in heat 2, with Brother Anthony 2nd and Mark Hughes 3rd. The final was a much livelier affair with Robert Mawhinney leading for  much of the way until Anthony pushed his way past, Mawhinney made an attempt to come back at McIvor but it just wasnt to be. Kieran soon followed through with Hughes on his bumper to slip past Mawhinney and take 2nd and 3rd positions on the podium.     

F2 Micros 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 525 212 924 909 932 922 928 171 422 945
Heat 2 909 212 525 928 422 171 922 914 945
Final 909 212 525 914 924 922 928 171 422 945
2L Saloon Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 811 711 962 170
Heat 2 811 711 962 292 170
Final 711 811 962 951
Stock Rods 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 920 922 10 115 23 4
Heat 2 4 23 920 922 10 115
Final 4 922 920 23 115
GP 2 Lightning Rods 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 51 999 917 88 32 9 77 777 54 979
Heat 2 51 32 88 9 917 77 777
Final 88 32 917 9 51 777
  • Anthony McIvor
  • David Reynold
  • IMGP8679
  • IMGP8683
  • IMGP8694
  • IMGP8706
  • IMGP8711
  • IMGP8729
  • IMGP8732
  • IMGP8734
  • IMGP8738
  • IMGP8756
  • IMGP8785
  • IMGP8812
  • IMGP8826
  • IMGP8842
  • IMGP8854
  • IMGP8867
  • IMGP8868
  • IMGP8870
  • IMGP8871
  • IMGP8873
  • IMGP8877
  • IMGP8879
  • IMGP8900
  • IMGP8936
  • IMGP8980
  • IMGP8987
  • IMGP9005
  • IMGP9070
  • IMGP9076
  • IMGP9084
  • IMGP9093
  • IMGP9117
  • IMGP9122
  • IMGP9140
  • IMGP9193
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