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    • Derek Mason King of the Corner Memorial for - 1300 Stock Cars, Brisca F2 Stock Cars, Junior Rods, 2L Saloon Stock Cars, Stock Rods & Caravan DD

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Nutts Corner | Meetings | Results | 2016 | Saturday 8th October 2016
  • Next Meeting

    • Wednesday 26 December - 2.00pm
    • Derek Mason King of the Corner Memorial for - 1300 Stock Cars, Brisca F2 Stock Cars, Junior Rods, 2L Saloon Stock Cars, Stock Rods & Caravan DD

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Saturday 8th October 2016

English Star O'Dell scoops silverware

It was England's Adam O'Dell who reigned supreme in the 1300 Stock Car national Championship. The grid for the feature race was formed after a public draw with Ivan Elliot and O'Dell the front row sitters. At the drop of the green Elliot made full advantage of his pole position start to take up the early running with O'Dell and Peter Greer in tow. It wasn't long until O'Dell blasted his way to the top spot however this was to be in vain as Elliot come back hard at the English star, moving him wide which allowed Greer to nip through on the inside of the battling duo to now take the leading place. Further back in the pack there was plenty of trading places including a great dice between the Ulster Champion Jon McQuillan and Scotsman Andy Mathieson. Meanwhile Greer held the fort out front as the laps continued to tick away steadily, however it was clear O'Dell still had strong pace and was indeed still in with a shout. As the leading pair contemplated the back marking traffic, the lap down Anthony McIvor was quick to land an unsettling blow on O'Dell allowing Greer to gain some breathing space at the helm. With the lap boards now on display Greer continued to lead but the relentless O'Dell was still giving chase, O'Dell gradually closed down the time deficit to Greer and on the last bend he performed the perfect touch to move Greer of the racing line, a frantic drag race to the flag followed with O'Dell taking the win leaving Greer no option but to settle for second; Elliot was third. Two heat events followed the National Championship with the on form Calvin Blake taking the honour in both. Heat two was arguably race of the night with no shortage of dramas including a fantastic battle for Glory between Blake Nicky Lowry.

Patchett crowned Junior Rod Champ!

Jack Patchett put in the drive of his life to crown himself Junior Rod Irish Champion for 2016. Antony Kincaid qualified pole position on the grid with Patchett beside him with Matthew Milliken and Leah Hughes earned the right to occupy row 2. Kincaid took up the early running from pole, while it soon emerged that Patchett had the pace to offer stiff opposition. As Kincaid and Patchett battled side by side, behind them Hughes had spun out of third spot allowing Milliken to get himself in on the action.

The onlookers were treated to something of a spectacle as Kincaid and Patchett continually traded places, all the while Milliken was there on the wings to pick up the pieces should anything go wrong. As the race progressed to the closing stages and the 5 lap marker now on display the leaders were deep in back marking traffic which was sure to be a recipe for disaster. The side by side battle raged on between the young warriors Patchett and Kincaid, soon after the inevitable occurred as Kincaid tangled with a back marker, losing a lot of ground in the process. This paved the way for Patchett to go on and take the win ahead of Milliken in second while Kincaid recovered well to finish third; the top five placing were rounded out by Cole McFall and Stuart Percy.  Shea Duff went through the remainder of the meeting undefeated by taking wins in both the heat races which concluded a fantastic season of racing from the Junior Rods.

Final win for Ant

There was a somewhat disappointing turnout of only 4 2L Saloons in attendance however those in action put on an entertaining display.

The star graded McIvor brothers Anthony & Kieran had a race long battle in heat one which allowed the lower grader drivers Daryl McCammon and Robert Mawhinney to dominate this one, Mawhinney took the win after nudging McCammon aside on the final lap. Kieran picked up the spoils in the second heat after spinning out both his brother and Mawhinney in one well calculated manoeuvre. Anthony made the final win look easy after storming through to take the win ahead of McCammon and Kieran.

Magnificent Morrow grabs Irish Crown

Jack Morrow added his name to the history books, when he become the first ever Irish Champion in the Micro F2 formula. The grid was formed in points order taken from the season long points tally, which saw Morrow on pole with Tyler McClurkin alongside. Declan McFerran led the cars around on two rolling laps in the #47 Brisca F2, setting the scene nicely and indeed building the atmosphere for what promised to be a cracking race. McClurkin was the first to show at the green flag, blasting into the lead ahead of Morrow and Rhianna Murray. The leading pair soon broke clear of the others as they all battled hard for position. Rhianna and Sam Stewart experienced a tangling together amidst the position fight, this in-turn allowed Cathal McFerran to enter the podium placings. Out front Morrow had made his way into the lead well ahead of McClurkin in second, with the laps now running out quickly, Morrow continued to dominate proceedings when the second place McClurkin spun of in the river bend, a red flag was required to assist McClurkin and remove his machinery to safety. Only two laps remained on the restart, Morrow got away to perfection once again at the green to complete the distance ahead of Cathal McFerran who was the gallant runner up, Joshua Murray completed the podium steps finishing third, in what was a terrific result for the Randalstown youngster. Tow heat races followed the title decider with Scott Hosie the victor in heat one, Hosie looked as though he was on-course for another victory in the final heat before he spun out of control. Abi McKinstry was on hand to pick up the pieces and take the win.

Title delight for Trev!

The Stadium Champion ship concluded the Super Saloon action for the season with the veteran racer Trevor McFaul bagging the win. McFaul who started from pole position got of to a flying start  leaving the others in his tyre tracks. Aaron McGraw showed strong pace throughout the race but it wasn't enough to disturb the rapid McFaul who took the win ahead of McGraw and Cullybackey's Gareth Robinson in third.

The next meeting takes place on Boxing Day at 2pm when we will see the Derek Mason 'King of the Corner' Memorial for F2’s, F2 Micros, 2L Saloons and Junior Rods and the Raymond Harper Automotive Grand National Series Finale for F2’s as well.

1300 Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th
National Championship 171 921 924 145 212 1 52 216 993 711 33 92
Heat 1 145 171 1 216 67 993 924 52 33 212 711 2
Heat 2 145 921 212 993 171 924 216 33 67 1 711 2
F2 Micros 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th
Irish Championship 924 928 922 914 164 932 171 422 945 52 525 909
Heat 1 914 164 924 928 213 922 212 932 422
Heat 2 747 525 924 909 922 928 212 171 945 932 52 422
Junior Rods 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 14th 15th
Irish Championship 29 997 2 911 40 8 515 19 929 958 978 932 65 888
Heat 1 958 515 2 65 997 888 40 8 911 455 200
Heat 2 958 888 65 997 8 911 40 152 455 515 19 200
Super Saloons 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Stadium Championship 999 32 777 O7 68
Heat 1 74 777 32 999 O7 68
Heat 2 74 777 32 999 O7
2L Saloons 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 951 292 711 811
Heat 2 811 292 951 711
Final 711 292 811 951
  • 2L Saloon final winner Anthony McIvor
  • Abi McKinstry picked a fine win in the Micro F2 second heat
  • England's Adam O'Dell added the 1300 Stock Car National Championship to his growing list of honours
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  • Jack patchett the newly crowned Junior Rod Irish Champion
  • Trevor McFaul winner of the Super Saloon Stadium Championship
  • William Murray presents the Quarry Store Micro F2 Irish Chamoionship trophy to the worthy winner Jack Morrow, Cathal Mc Ferran was runner up with Joshua Murray third

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