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    • Derek Mason King of the Corner Memorial for - 1300 Stock Cars, Brisca F2 Stock Cars, Junior Rods, 2L Saloon Stock Cars, Stock Rods & Caravan DD

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Nutts Corner | Meetings | Results | 2013 | Wednesday 17th April 2013
  • Next Meeting

    • Wednesday 26 December - 2.00pm
    • Derek Mason King of the Corner Memorial for - 1300 Stock Cars, Brisca F2 Stock Cars, Junior Rods, 2L Saloon Stock Cars, Stock Rods & Caravan DD

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Wednesday 17th April 2013

Blair demonstrates a flair for Red!

Again there was a decent turn out of Brisca F2’s for their second Nutts Corner meeting of the new season. There were a few pre meeting rain showers leaving the track damp and very slippery for Heat 1. The track conditions added to the drama early on in the first encounter of the night as Craig McConnell and Ryan McCrory were slipping and sliding around as they exchanged blows, giving Christopher Kincaid some breathing space to pursue the blue graders. McConnell got the power down and broke free from the challenging McCrory to give chase to the pace setters Gary Blair and Kincaid. A late suspension was called to allow the recovery vehicle to remove the stricken car of Steven O’Melvena from the track after he lost control on the slippery track. This left the cars in single file order and set the scene for a 3 lap dash to the finish line. On the restart McConnell made a perfect start and powered of into the lead, while McCrory and Kincaid clashed resulting in the 312 machine of Kincaid clattering hard of the wall on the airport bend. McConnell took the win from Blair and McCrory. The late arrival of Ronnie Scott gave an extra car on track for the second heat; it wasn’t long until the red flags were shown to retrieve a stray wheel belonging to Mark Rainey. When the race eventually got underway O’Melvena lead them away but it wasn’t long until the rapid 932 car of Blair took over out front. Heat 1 winner McConnell was again right on the pace with last week’s final winner Gavin Fegan in tow. As the lap boards appeared Blair was still ahead out front with McConnell coming under pressure from Fegan, the later delivering a killer blow onto the back bumper of McConnell on the last bend, spinning him out of second position. Blair stayed the distance to take a fine win ahead of Fegan and William Murray. Come final time it was the young gun Kincaid who showed well at the off, making his way from the star grade to the front in a short space of time. Kincaid’s run out front was to be short lived whoever as sparks started to fly from underneath his car just as the lap boards appeared, leaving it apparent he had a problem and he soon started to drop back down the order. This unfortunate turn of events for Kincaid left Heat 2 winner Blair and Fegan fighting for the top spot. Fegan again takes a last corner lunge on the race leader but this time he couldn’t make it stick allowing Blair to run to the flag and take the final win and indeed his second win of the night. Heat 1 winner McConnell sneaked through for second with Fegan recovering for third. There is early drama in the Grand National event as Kincaid makes a early attack on McCrory allowing McConnell to slip through and go in chase of the leaders Keith McAreavey and Murray. It wasn’t long until McConnell broke free out front only to receive the white and red technical disqualification flag due to a lose wheel guard on his car. McAreavey took over out front again but McCrory and Murray weren’t far behind. McCrory made his move in the closing stages to claim the lead and went all the way to win the Grand National followed home by Murray and McAreavey.

McCrory’s Story Continues

10 juniors emerged from the pits to do battle for heat 1. The youngsters were faced with a very damp track condition and it wasn’t long until it claimed its first victim as young Anthony Kincaid spun out of contention. Irish Champion Dean McCrory was enjoying the challenge and went all the way to claim victory from Aaron Moody and Jack Kennedy. Heat 2 got off to a rocky start for David McKinnon and Joshua McKinstry as the pair collided resulting in McKinnons car going air bound. Calvin Blake and McCrory had a great battle for the top position, with each of them having their turn out front but it was Blake who held the lead when it mattered most. Blake enjoyed a fine win from McCrory and Moody. Kincaid was the early pace setter in the final with heat 2 winner Blake in

hot pursuit. Blake soon took over out front with the ultra fast Dean McCrory getting larger in his mirrior with every passing lap. The yellow flags were called for when young McKinstry spun out on the river bend, the race suspension lined the cars in single file and bumper to bumper awaiting the restart. On the green flag Blake and McCrory picked up where they left off out front. McCrory and Blake had a coming together as the current Irish Champion made a bid for the lead, Blake got his car sideways leaving McCrory a free run to the finish to claim his second consecutive final win. Blake recovered well to record a fine second with Moody in third rounding up a solid night of point scoring for him.

The Wright man for the job!


Ryan Wright relieved Ross Houston of the Golden Helmet Trophy after a superb last lap finish between the pair in the Saloon Stock Car final.

 Eight cars lined up for the qualifying heats where the entry included season debuts for Mark Dewar and Mark Hughes, the latter at the wheel of the ex-Andrew Stewart Ford Sierra.  Kieran McIvor set the initial pace in the first qualifier before Houston eased his way to the front of the pack. Wright, in his new GRP built car out for the first time at Nutts Corner, was also on the move and worked his way through to second at the flag, with Tommy McCrory Jnr. and Anthony McIvor next home.

 Defending Golden Helmet holder Houston was quickly into his stride again in heat two and once more it was Wright who proved his closest competitor in this one. The Irish Champion gradually chased the leader down and made his move two laps from home to record a good win ahead of Houston and A. McIvor. Wrights joy was short lived however during the routine post-race scrutineering a technical infringement of the inside weight was discovered the car was slightly over the tolerance. The Irish Champion was consequently removed from all the previous results which handed Houston his second win of the evening.

 Wrights car was back on track for the final, a simple wheel change resolved the problem, but with his points from the heats removed the Irish Champion would start the trophy race from the rear of the grid. Houston made good his escape at the green flag in an attempt to build up a healthy advantage over Wright, who quickly moved through to fourth behind A. McIvor and McCrory. Wright swiftly dealt with and swept past this pair, while further back a good scrap developed between Hughes, K. McIvor and Jason Smyth. As the laps ticked down so did the gap between the leading pair until the two were together as the lap boards appeared. As they started the last lap Houston still held sway, but entering the final turn Wright made his move and knocked the leader wide. The pair scrabbled for grip in a desperate dash to the flag and it was Wright who got the power down best to snatch a well-judged win in a fantastic finish. Houston was a valiant runner-up with A. McIvor in third.


Big Ben Strikes 1

Four ORC Lightning Rods were in action for the first heat of the Golden Helmet Championship, including the McKee brothers Ben & Gordy making their 2013 NCR debuts. G McKee takes up the early running with B McKee in tow. The Precy’s had a great dice for third and fourth, but it was all about the duel out front for the lead, B McKee was keeping G McKee honest by gradually closing down the gap and eventually he had a last corner peek on the inside but it wasn’t to be and

G McKee took the win from B McKee and Andrew Percy. A Percy took up the early running in heat 2 but it was short lived as the McKee’s were hunting for glory again, moving swiftly through to take the top two positions. In a flip of the coin scenario it was G McKee pressurising B McKee this time, Gordy tried all he knew but Ben held on to claim victory, with A Percy again in third. Ben McKee come out of the qualifying heats on top and parked the 937 machine on pole position for the title decider, with Gordy McKee along side. At the green the pack swiftly split into two brotherly battles as the McKee’s challenged for the title and the Percy’s for the last step on the podium. B McKee lasted the distance out front to take the spoils and the coveted Golden Helmet title from G McKee and Campbell Percy.

BriSCA Formula 2 Stockcars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 925 932 944 718 929 107 24 909 875 NOF
Heat 2 932 718 909 312 944 24 925 NOF
Final 932 925 718 944 909 107 312 NOF
Grand National 944 909 107 932 10 36 NOF
Junior Rods 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 935 44 314 10 118 922 515 145 2 955
Heat 2 145 935 44 10 2 314 118 922 9 515
Final 935 145 44 2 314 10 9 118 515 NOF
2L Saloon Stock Cars 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 75 132 711 811 NOF
Heat 2 75 711 132 811 NOF
Final 153 75 71 132 811 903 NOF
ORC Lightning Rods 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 947 937 933 955 NOF
Heat 2 937 947 933 955 NOF
Final 937 947 955 933 NOF
  • f2 Final winner 932 Gary Blair 17 Apr
  • F2 Grand National Round 1 Winner 944 Ryan McCrory 17 Apr
  • Junior Rod Final Winner 935 Dean McCrory 17 Apr
  • Lightning Rod 2013 Golden Helmet Championship Winner 937 Ben McKee 17 Apr
  • Stock Saloon 2013 Golden Helmet Championship Winner 153 Ryan Wright 17 Apr

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