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    • Derek Mason King of the Corner Memorial for - 1300 Stock Cars, Brisca F2 Stock Cars, Junior Rods, 2L Saloon Stock Cars, Stock Rods & Caravan DD

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Nutts Corner | Meetings | Results | 2012 | Sunday 7th October 2012
  • Next Meeting

    • Wednesday 26 December - 2.00pm
    • Derek Mason King of the Corner Memorial for - 1300 Stock Cars, Brisca F2 Stock Cars, Junior Rods, 2L Saloon Stock Cars, Stock Rods & Caravan DD

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Sunday 7th October 2012

Sponsored by Ironside Trophies

Christopher Kincaid was back in business at Nutts Corner Raceway racing to victory in the F2 Stock Car Stadium Championship. Only points from the raceway determined the grid for the Championship. Kincaid was in pole with Craig McConnell on his outside. Denver Grattan and Conor Hughes were on row two. Kincaid went for the lead with a tight bunch behind and it wasn’t long until the action kicked in with most of the front runner all being shunted against the fence and it was Hughes that came out best going into the lead. McConnell was the worst off being spun out and Kincaid managed to claw his way back into second. Hughes had long gone being almost half a lap ahead. Minish came up to third with the Grattan brothers Denver and Garry, David Faloon and McConnell next in line. With over half distance gone Kincaid was edging closer to Hughes and Minish was under siege from the Grattan’s. With three laps remaining Kincaid was on the leader’s rear bumper and on the next lap he was through and on to take the chequered flag and the Stadium Championship. Hughes was runner up and D Grattan steered into third. G Gattan, Minish, McConnell, Ted Holland, Keith McAreavey, Derek Hill and Steven O’Melvena completed the finishers. There were heat wins for Hughes and Kyle Beattie.

James Goldie was crowned the first Super 1600’s Irish Champion after a great comeback in the Championship. Jonny Kirk was in pole for this one with Goldie on his outside. Nicky Lowry and Thomas Megarry were on row two. At the green flag it was Kirk who had the advantage to streak away while Goldie got shunted out and managed to get back in eighth. Lowry and Megarry were in second and third respectively. Kirk was well out in front but away in the background Goldie was making inroads on the opposition and soon climbed up to fourth. Megarry was soon overhauled by Goldie and in the next few laps he was past Lowry to go second. In the closing laps Kirk reign was over as Goldie went through and on to take the first Super 1600’s Irish Championship. Kirk was runner up and Lowry was third. Megarry, Jonny Fisher, Jaimie Rea, Richie Browne and Rab Wharry were the other finishers. Sam McKinstry took victory in the only heat ahead of Brother Adrian and Megarry.

Ryan Wright fought tooth and nail with Ross Houston for supremacy in the Stock Saloon Stadium Championship and on the final lap was the gifted the win. Wright was the pole setter from Anthony McIvor, Matt Stirling, Ross Houston, Kieran McIvor and Mark Dewar. Wright got the early lead from A McIvor, Stirling and K McIvor. Houston was soon putting in the bumper and removed K McIvor into the fence with Stirling also in the thick of the action. Houston clawed his way up to A McIvor and soon demoted him and went all out after Wright. Then it was action all the way as Houston and Wright battled for the lead. The lead was exchanged many time as each took turn of leading before Houston finally had the edge over Wright to just stay in front. Wright fought very hard to reclaim his leading position but was just short by a whisker on a number of the final ten laps. Going into the final lap Houston suddenly ground to a halt  and Wright retook the lead and rounded the final bend to take the chequered flag and the championship and gave the crowd a spectacle of a half dozen doughnuts to celebrate his success. It was later learnt the Houston had ran out of petrol. A McIvor eventually finished second and Davy Haugh was third. Steven Boyd and Dewar were the only other finishers. K McIvor and Boyd had a win each in the heats.

Dan Feeney was again in top form to trounce the opposition in the 1300 Stock Cars Final. Craig Smyth was back in harness in the Davy Reynolds car and made the early running ahead of Ryan Patton and Richard Harper. Well into the second half of the race Smyth was still in the driving seat with Harper in tow. Feeney was soon lurking in third and had battered his way up the order. In the last five laps Feeney was up and past the two front runners and went on to take the win in fine style. Harper seized an opening to come in second and Smyth had to be content with third. Chris Hamill, Richard Taylor, Michael Logan, Patton, Adrian McKinstry, Dan Shannon, Robbie Browne and Richie Browne were the other finishers. Smyth and Hamill in their first appearance's in the class were the heat winners.

Andy Stewart was the star of the show in the National Hot Rod World Qualifier round 6. Stewart was first off the blocks to lead the fiercely contested final in the round 6 qualifier. Rab Forsythe was always going to be his early threat and Stewart obliged with just one slight error running wide allowing  Forsythe through. However Stewart fought back and kept the pressure on the leader who also made the same error and Stewart was through to regain the lead. In third heading a long line of drivers was Adam Maxwell closely followed by John Christie, Glenn Bell, Gary Woolsey and Davy McKay. All the established top racers were as usual battling hard for positions and also guarding their positions. The recent inform Thomas Dilly had a seized diff in practice and a borrowed one from Keith Martin which only just saw him able to finish the race well down the order. Christie who couldn’t have had anymore bad luck after his Collar bone break and his big crash at Ballymena Raceway came back with a vengeance to climb into second. Stewart was driving to perfection and never flinched as Christie appeared in his mirror in the closing laps. Stewart went on to take the chequered flag and his first final win in the class. Christie was back in form finishing runner up and World Champion Glenn Bell was third. Forsythe, Maxwell, Woolsey, Martin, Stewart Doak, Mark Heatrick, McKay and Dilly completed the finishers. Stewart also held off Christie for the opening heat win while Forsythe spoiled Stewart’s chances of a treble by getting to the winning post ahead of the Portadown‘s rising star. 



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